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Orders + Shipping

When will my order ship?

Orders are processed in the order they are received on Mondays and Thursdays. (however, sometimes we do ship out on weekends!) Typically this means your order will go out within 1-5 days.


Please note if your order is a pre-order when placing. If you placed your order on or around a restock date please allow additional time to process and get your order shipped out.

I have not yet received a shipping confirmation and it has been a few days, where is my order?

Our shipping emails are sent out automatically when USPS scans our shipping labels. Sometimes this takes an additional day to show up in your inbox. Please be sure you provide the correct email address.

If you are within the domestic US, your shipping confirmation email will include tracking number. If you are international or not within the continental US, unfortunately we cannot guarantee tracking and once the package is in the hands of USPS, we cannot take responsibility for it.

It says OliveMoon is not yet available to ship to my location / address... what can I do?

Please contact us! While we have tried to include most included countries, some that have higher shipping costs have still been left out. We are happy to still ship to you, but just have not yet added your location to our site. Please email us!

What is the policy on order cancellation, returns, and exchanges?

Unfortunately, all sales are final once an order has been placed. This is due to the small business nature of the OliveMoon shop and we do hope you can understand and respect that. This means we cannot cancel orders once they are placed, or accept returns/exchanges. Please be sure to read all product descriptions and be sure of your order before placing! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out.

Smoking Blends + Safety

Do the herbal blends contain cannabis? Tobacco?

No. These blends are 100% organic or wildcrafted herbs + florals. There is ZERO cannabis, tobacco, nicotine, or hemp in these blends. We do have a minimum age requirement due to the face that we are based out of Maryland and per state law, to purchase any substance sold with intent to smoke, you must be 21+ years old.

Will the smoking blends get me high?

No. These blends are "psychoactive" in the sense that you experience relaxation, euphoria, or other mental attributes but they do not impair or give a feeling of being "high". That said, everyone is different and I encourage you to micro-dose when trying anything new to see how it effects you.

Are herbal blends safe to smoke?

I strive to maintain transparency regarding the safety of smoking. In brief, the safety profile is comparable to smoking any hemp product. There have been no long-term studies specifically on smoking these herbs. I exclusively utilize herbs and flowers with established smoke-ability, historically used in smoking blends across various cultures. Nevertheless, it's essential to acknowledge that ANY form of inhaled smoke contains carcinogens. For regular users of smoking blends, I recommend exploring alternative methods such as vaporization (utilizing a herbal vaporizer) or water bongs, which have shown to reduce carcinogens. By making a purchase, you confirm that you are at least 21 years old and understand that these blends have not undergone second-party testing. While we take every precaution to offer safe smoking alternatives, you consume at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions, including allergies or unknown effects. Please consume responsibly!

I don't want to smoke, do you have anything for me?

Yes! All of my smokable herb blends are made to be able to brew as tea for the same mental effects. Simply choose the loose herb option instead of pre-rolls, and enjoy it as a herbal loose tea!

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