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Meet Tiffany


Grand Day! I'm Tiffany, the heart and soul behind OliveMoon Botanicals apothecary ☾ First and foremost, thank you for coming to my site! I've put a lot of love into these blends and getting to share them with you is a dream come true.

I am a wellness coach, canna-chemist, herbalist, and artist local to the Annapolis area. I specialize in psychophysiology (the mind + body connection) and plant medicine. My journey in holistic wellness began with my health challenges of severe, chronic vertigo. Through the guidance of herbs, cannabis, and breathwork, I discovered a path to balance and resilience. This journey inspired me to deepen my knowledge, leading to a B.S. in Integrative Health Sciences from the University of Maryland and ultimately launching my mobile apothecary, OliveMoon Botanicals as well as co-founding the wellness hub STRŌB Apothecary.


Outside of my apothecary endeavours, I serve as the Events and Brand Engagement Manager at Mana Supply Cannabis Dispensary, where I lead community wellness initiatives, manage our many events, and educate others about the transformative power of integrative health practices aligning with cannabis. I also work in the music festival space as a promoter and as a workshop facilitator, bringing the essence of OliveMoon Botanicals to various music festivals across the country. It's a wondrous experience to connect with diverse communities and share the healing magic of plant medicine.

I find solace and inspiration in nature, music, and travel. Exploring new parks and immersing myself in the Earth's vibrant energy rejuvenates my spirit and fuels my creativity.

Questions? Email me.

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