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Herbal Blends

All of my herbal blends are intentionally crafted with only organic or wildcrafted herbal and florals. They are meant to be brewed as a tea or enjoyed as an alternative smoke (21+). 


Mullein + Red Rasp + Lobelia + Skullcap + Uva Ursi + Spearmint

This blend has been intentionally crafted to promote balance and peace of mind. With herbs such as mullein and skullcap, which are often used in herbal practice for restorative support, it may assist in curbing cravings. Designed for those who appreciate a peaceful herbal tea or smoke, it serves as a soothing alternative for individuals seeking to replace other smoking habits.


Mullein + Red Rasp + Mugwort + Blue Lotus + Calendula

Euphoric, vivid, and creative. This blend was intentionally crafted to enhance the psyche and strengthen the third eye. Herbs such as mugwort and blue lotus provide a euphoric experience to expand one's mind while promoting both vivid and lucid dreaming. This cup of tea - or smoke - pair wonderfully with creative sessions, nature walks, and deep meditations.


Mullein + Red Rasp + Rose + Hibiscus + Damiana + Butterfly Pea

A handcrafted floral-forward blend to awake and arouse the soul. Full of stimulating aphrodisiac herbs such as damiana and butterfly pea flowers that relax the body and invigorate the mind while enhancing confidence, relaxation, and libido. Brewed as a tea or enjoyed as a smoke, this blend is perfect for those that want a stronger sense of confidence, happiness, or an intimate evening.  Each person is different and experienced effects are situational.


Mullein + Red Rasp + Lavender + Rose + Passionflower

A relaxing blend cultivated to find energetic balance between body and mind. Wonderful for after a long day, this body and mind relaxing blend embodies the power of beautiful herbs such as lavender and rose to bring a floral breath to quiet of the mind. A perfect cup of tea - or smoke - to end the day and ease into a nighttime routine.


Mullein + Red Rasp + Passionflower + Lavender + Blue Lotus + Cornflower

Intentionally crafted for deep dreaming and relaxation, this blend features such as lavender, passionflower, and blue lotus. When blended together, this calming trio promotes mental relaxation, alleviating anxiety, and enhancing the dream world. A perfect cup of tea - or smoke - for those seeking a serene evening ritual or a peaceful moment of reflection, this blend invites you to embrace vivid tranquility.

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